>> Okay, Heaven’s Night might be a destination, but do I know where I am on the map?

Unfortunately, knowing where I am on this stupid paper map would require knowing where I am in stupid fucking space, and the closest I have to that at all is ‘some kind of park, maybe’. Maybe it would be worth it to get out and look for a sign or something?

If I find a landmark, then I can find it on the map…

>> Stop looking at the map, and show him it. Maybe there’s something there that’ll jog his memory?

I offer the map out the window to the man standing there quietly. I can’t tell whether he’s been deep in thought as I look over the map, of if he’s just patient. Or I donno, dissociating. It could always be that one,

“Do you recognize any of this?” I ask him.

He snaps out of his far away stare when I address him and he takes the map. I watch him push his hair out of his face again and peer at the offered paper with consternation.

“Silent Hill… well, you said were there, I guess it tracks. Heaven’s Night… it sounds familiar somehow. What is it?”

“I have no idea, I admit.” I pick up the unlit cigarette from the ashtray and light it, finally. “Want one?”

“Huh? Oh… no thanks,” he murmurs, and shakes his head. “Anyway… you circled it on the map, didn’t you? Shouldn’t you know what it is?”

“I mean, probably, yeah, but I don’t,” I shrug, taking a long drag of the cigarette, feeling it fill my lungs with calming smoke. I tell myself that I can handle this. I blow out a long breath. “Kind of like you don’t remember shit, I guess.”

“Oh boy,” James(?) sighs. “If that’s so, then I don’t know what I’m going to do…”

>> _ _ _