>> Maybe I should check my pockets too, the glove compartment, and look in the backseat of the car just to see what I have as well. Perhaps there is a map!

“Well shit, it really is blank,” I say, shaking my head. I set my still unlit cigarette into the car ashtray. Honestly I’m still feeling a little out of it myself. I really should check around the car for… clues? I guess? It feels dumb to call them clues, but anything that could help me get my bearings.

“Yeah, “James (if he is James) sighs. “I don’t know what kind of person carries around a blank letter. Me I guess.”

“I guess,’ I murmur back. “Listen I’m gonna see if I can find, I donno, a map of the area, or a picture of my uncle, or something. Maybe we can figure this weird shit out together.”

“If you can, that would be great…”He offers me a wan smile, and I’m again reminded of my uncle, and his hazy, gentle expressions. I can’t help but smile back. Then I start rooting around in the glove box.

My registration’s in there. At least I can remember my name. Vanessa Sunderland. No questions there. There’s a bunch of napkins, too. Some more cigarettes, and… a map of Silent Hill.

I unfold it, and look at it. There’s a spot circled in smeared red ink. It’s labeled “Heaven’s Night.”

I have no idea what it is or why I circled it. In fact, looking at it makes me feel a little dizzy.

“Well, I found the map,” I mumble. “But, uh….”

>>_ _ _