Over the weekend I did some brainstorming and final outlining, and I have decided that this is the best place in the narrative to break off and get the full ending put together for release. That means for Promise, this is the end of reader inputted commands.

Or is it?

Continuing the bold trend of aping Homestuck, the end of Silent Hill Promise will be released as an interactive visual novel!

I joke, but I have planned for the ending to be an actual game for quite some time. :3

Now, some bullet points about the ending!

  • Debuting on Halloween 2019
  • Free! No microtransactions! (lol)
  • Available in multiple formats (game, youtube video, images) for those who can’t play or don’t want the full experience.
  • Original music by the awesome Potatoboss (https://potatoboss.bandcamp.com/)
  • Multiple endings!
  • Made in ren’py!
  • I will be releasing sneak peeks of my progress on the ending every day/every couple of days to tide archive readers over for content and keep myself on schedule.

Questions and Answers

QoBC, do you even know how to make a game in ren’py?

Absolutely. I have a number of proof of concepts laying around that maybe I’ll do something with and release sometime. The engine is super easy to create for.

Are you sure it’ll be done by Halloween of 2019?

Barring serious personal injury or crisis, yes, absolutely. It should in fact be done significantly earlier than that, but Halloween gives me a good deadline to work toward and makes a great hype release date.

Do you want some help with this?

Unfortunately, this isn’t something I can easily delegate the work out for. I’ll be doing all the writing, and art assets myself as always with Promise, as well as doing the coding. I super appreciate the offer though! (do send me a note if you want to contribute music tho.)

What happens after Promise is over?

You can read my next comic, Red Oak Rising! I don’t want to spoil too much about it, but is a supernatural horror set in a small town in Massachusetts. It will be daily, and interactive just like Promise, so please join us! The first page will be going live the same day that Promise ends!

Does that mean you’re done with Silent Hill?

Absolutely not. Silent Hill is still my favorite game, and my biggest fandom emotionally speaking, and I will continue to create fan content for it long after promise is done. Fanart, fanfiction, short comics, hell, maybe even another long comic someday. Who knows!

Final thoughts

I am SO excited to be announcing this. Its a little bittersweet to shift gears like this because I absolutely love the back and forth of page and command; it has been so inspiring and motivating over the years that Promise has been running! So I will definitely be looking forward to starting Red Oak Rising with you all soon. Until then I will be working hard to bring the ride that Promise has been to a thrilling conclusion.

Promise has been, and continues to be an amazing artistic journey for me, and in a lot of ways a reflection of my own emotional journey over the years, and I will definitely have a lot to say about it after it’s all said and done. I hope you all are as excited as I am.