>>I mean, not opening the door to someone I can’t see. But it can’t hurt to greet them, the window isn’t soundproof.

My fingers move to push down the lock on the car doors before I even think about it consciously. I am way too on edge for anything like trusting in the good will of mankind or some shit like that.

I grip the butt of my still unlit cigarette tensely in two fingers of my other hand and look suspiciously at the smeared, foggy window. Beyond it, I can see a figure there.

“Hey!” I call out the window, cautious. “What’s up?”

I lean toward the window, and wipe my hand across it, clearing a streak of it just enough to see a wavering image of the world outside, and a figure leaning slightly to look into the window, fist raised to knock.

A pair of tired, sea-colored eyes are staring back at me from beyond the hazy, moisture streaked glass.

Is that Uncle James looking back at me?

A feeling like ice lurches in my stomach at the thought, and suddenly I remember what I was doing in the car, and where I must be.

Last night I got a call from my Uncle James, with the area code from the town of Silent HIll. I couldn’t make out what he was saying, but it was enough to prompt me to put on clothes in the middle of the night, and drive until dawn to get to the small, rustic lakeside town.

After all, no one in the family had heard from James in three days.

In a flash of memory I realize that if that’s him outside the door, my little quest is over before it’s even gotten started. Thank fucking hell if so.

“Uh, sorry about this– could you roll the window down?”

The request from outside carries the hesitant timbre of my uncle’s voice. I’m caught for a moment between actions; roll down the window or just open the car door and throw my arms around him in a ‘thank christ you’re okay’ hug?

And yet– for some reason I find myself hesitating before I do either…