I wake up with a sudden jolt, coughing and choking as salty water dribbles down my chin. Unable to even place my surroundings yet, I cough and gag, and gasp raggedly, clutching my throat until the sweet air finally reaches my lungs. I feel hot tears roll down my face, and I gulp in desperate breaths for a moment until my breathing finally starts to slow and stabilize.

I wipe the wetness from my chin and then I wrap my trembling hands around the steering wheel, feeling my whole body shaking.

My car… I’m in my car, I realize, looking around. The windows are thick with foggy condensation and I can’t see shit out of them.

Where the hell am I? Choking to death is a hell of a way to wake up, and it seems to have chased every memory out of my head.

I was looking for someone, wasn’t I?

I reach over and fumble with the dashboard for a moment, pulling out a pack of smokes. Whatever the hell is going on, at least they’re still there. I don’t know what the fuck I’d do without them. They’ll help my nerves at least, while I get my thoughts together.

I nearly drop the entire pack as there’s a THUMP THUMP THUMP.

Someone’s knocking on the car window. Some of my startlement fades as I realize that’s all it is– why was I expecting something worse?– but I still can’t see shit out the window. Just a set of knuckles and a smear in the fog.

I debate for a moment what I should do.

>>_ _ _

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